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January 28, 2016 admin Beekeeping in Manchester

Having been a beekeeper in Manchester for a good few years, I have now started to help new beekeepers to get off the ground and start looking after honey bees of their own.

Starting beekeeping can be an expensive and scary hobby if you do not have the right support to start with. A colony of bees will die if it does not have enough food or is affected by an infection, disease or pest and buying the wrong hive parts can make your life a nightmare when it comes to performing weekly inspections. Its worth knowing that beekeeping is a rewarding hobby but its not something for anyone to start without either training, support or the finances to see it through.

For anyone that would like to start beekeeping, there are free courses out there with people like myself who will help you get started. Some courses provide masses about on online learning to help their learners get the most of their knowledge and others provide expensive two day training sessions with practical training the following year.

Before thinking about what course and support you would like to do, its best thinking about what you would like to get out of the training in the long term.

What would you like to achieve?

  • be able to support colonies in your area by growing flowers or maintaining green areas?
  • learn about the decline of honey bees and help them to stay alive?
  • have an introduction to honey bees and see if you would like to do more with them?
  • start your own colony of bees in your garden?
  • sponsor a colony in your area?
  • learn to become a beekeeper with support and training?

For what ever reason to find out more about beekeeping, your best speaking to someone who can point you in the right direct.


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